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Author's Note: i made winnerprompt in and i wrote two so far. to anon, it might be a little bit off but i tried so please forgive me TT_TT

Title: Late Night Desserts
Pairing: Taehyun/Mino
Rating: PG13
Length/Word Count: 317 words

Minho walked in to the smell of pastry. The kind when sweet and ants would go together pretty well. Minho took off his shoes quickly, anticipating what’s for dinner. He stepped into the kitchen and to see something more than just desserts.

“Oh, hey babe. You are home!”

Taehyun chirped with a spatula in his hand. White apron hugging his body and flours smudged on his face. Minho would find it cute, exceptionally adorable with his hair in a mess but then, he wouldn’t think that sexy could ever cross his mind.

“Why are you not wearing anything underneath that apron?” Minho questioned him and stayed rooted. Taehyun turned to face the sink and started cleaning the dishes. The apron was tied right above Taehyun’s hips and with every move he made; his butt would jiggle in an inappropriate way.

Minho gulped.

“Why are you standing there, sweetheart. Come and have a taste.”

Coming back home from a tiring day, he was welcomed with such a wonderful and voluptuous ass. Minho could not say no and he definitely wasn’t least complaining. Silently creeping towards him, Minho grabbed his boyfriend’s hips and pulled towards him.


Minho trailed his kisses on the younger’s nape as Taehyun arched his neck back, leaning against Minho’s shoulder. “Sexy little bitch, you are.” He whispered in Taehyun’s ear and he chuckled softly. While Taehyun was grinding his ass against Minho’s crotch, Minho snuck his hand beneath the white apron.

“Can I have a taste of you?”

Taehyun could not get to answer when his lips were captured by Minho. He tasted like strawberry mixed with whip cream. Like castor sugar rained on a strawberry tart, Taehyun was presented nicely and without a doubt, he tasted extraordinarily sweet, to his liking. Minho lightly bit on Taehyun’s earlobe. His hand was steadily gripping on Taehyun’s cock.

“Hyung, do you want to fill me up?”

Title: Postman
Pairing: Jinwoo/Seungyoon

Rating: G
Length/Word Count: 365 words

10:00 AM

A usual Monday morning, Jinwoo would sit at the ledge outside his house. Phone in his hand, his eyes squinted hard. In that screen shown numerous pick-up lines but there wasn’t one that impressed Jinwoo one bit. Too corny, too cheesy, too romantic, he almost gave up. He thought maybe he should do his way but Jinwoo’s mind would wander too far and would not come back. Face to face confession wasn’t his kind of thing and he needed serious help.

But there wasn’t any time for him to prepare himself. The clock struck 10:05 AM and that mail delivery guy would arrive any moment. Jinwoo walked towards the gate and stood still.

You can do it. Just say good morning, tell him how was his weekend and if it was a boring weekend, ask him out. If yes, tell him if he wants more fun. Easy!

Unfortunately, Jinwoo’s tongue wasn’t really co-operating. The handsome young man arrived in front of his house and Jinwoo smiled.

“Good morning, Seungyoon!” A little bit too loud, Jinwoo noted.

“Hello, Jinwoo-shi.”

Seungyoon passed a stack of envelopes to him and Jinwoo did not react. “Jinwoo-shi?” Jinwoo stared at him for a moment before he came to realize what he had done. “Oh! The letters!”

Jinwoo cursed himself twice. Seungyoon jerked up to Jinwoo’s high pitch.

Bad move.

Jinwoo snatched the letters and started leaving. Seungyoon’s eyes trailed him till he reached his doorstep.

“Jinwoo-shi!” Seungyoon shouted.

Heart beating so fast, Jinwoo had no idea what to do upon Seungyoon calling his name. What should he do? Should he turn? Maybe the opportunity finally came. Seungyoon would be asking him out and not him doing the job. He turned with anticipation.

Seungyoon, with him sitting on his bike, he giggled. Slowly, it turned to laughter and it made Jinwoo uncomfortable. What was happening? What was Seungyoon trying to imply?

“Jinwoo-shi, nice boxers.”

With that, Seungyoon left and Jinwoo was flushed with embarrassment. From then on, Seungyoon did not get to see Jinwoo again. He noticed that he had sent his little brother out to collect the letters.

Without knowing, Jinwoo silently watched him behind the glass window.
Tags: drabbles, fanwork: fiction, jinyoon, kang seungyoon, kim jinwoo, nam taehyun, namsong, song minho
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