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will you stop taking my coffee you idiot

Title: will you stop taking my coffee you idiot
Author: choikangtabi
Pairing: nam teahyun/song minho, namsong
Rating: G
Genre: idontknowhonestly
Warning: a warning because taehyun has plans and minho is a dickhead
Summary: taehyun has coffee. minho just invented a drink. minho still wants taehyun's coffee.

part one;

three days before the final exam and taehyun just wished he could slug himself out of his room and hoped that he is able to reach his class in less than five minutes but in reality, slugging delays much more time than he ever thought.

he plopped himself at the back of the lecture class and pulled out his notes. he bit his blue pen and started to flip his notebook until he realized that he forgot something.


thank god for the nearest vending machine. he bought himself a cold canned coffee which works the same. honestly, coffee lovers are just too braggy about their caffeine taste. he placed the drink on the table and began working. taehyun heard shuffling and as he turned to his left, someone sat beside him. coherent words mumbled underneath his breath about how hectic college life is and how getting into college and living through college is a whole different story. the guy beside him mumbled again about him needing sugar paradise and also all the energy drinks in the world to wake him up.

taehyun ignored the guy’s existence. everyone is tired. he is tired too but he tried his best to focus on his notes and waited patiently for the lecturer until he turned to the left side where the guy sat and found himself staring at him because he thought that maybe, just maybe there was something wrong with the guy’s head. the guy next to him poured a monster energy drink into his coffee. he scrutinized his cup and before he chucked his drink down, he breathed in and with his final moment, he said “i think i am going to die.” taehyun thought he was seeing things but he realized that this guy is as real as his roommate’s ass.

“are you going to drink your coffee?”

the guy asked him and taehyun did not utter a single word or react to his direct question.

“i’ll take that as a no. thanks.”

taehyun wanted to drink his coffee, thank you very much. but he was in a shock so before he could stop him, that guy already reached out for his coffee.

“are you awake now, mister…?”

“minho. mister song minho. i think i need another energy drink. do you perhaps have it?”

taehyun arched his eyebrow that screamed ya think???

minho, apparently his name and definitely ingrained in his memory (forever), continued to drink the coffee and proceeded on studying. and that was the last thing he saw because after fifteen minutes of the lecture, minho was snoozing. taehyun had no other choice but to live through hell and fight as his sleepiness kicked in because that certain someone just stole his coffee.


the next day, taehyun sat at the same place again. he woke up a bit earlier so that he is able to stop at starbucks and bought a fresh brewed coffee. wendy, the girl behind the counter whom he realized actually remembered his order charged him extra because he made her start her job earlier than she should be. he did not mind though. every college student needed coffee.

and so, an hour after the class started, minho came rushing into the class and sat beside him - again. what he was wearing pretty much sums up why he was late. he thought that his blue pajama pants suited him. and that khaki green jacket looked too pretty for the pants.

“is it okay for me to take that coffee? i need it.”

taehyun was prepared for further advances from song minho and hence, he took the cup and placed it on the opposite side of the table.


minho sighed.

“come on taehyun, i am fucking sleepy here.”

“where is your coffeenergy drink?”

“coffee what?”


“you kidding me , right?”

“well, you did mix the energy drink and coffee together. i was almost convinced that it was a good idea until you sleep right after the class starts.”

minho sat back and cursed under his breath. today, taehyun thought. today, it is going to be his day and he is going to drink his expensive coffee all by-

“what the fuck?”

minho lunged across taehyun and reached his hand out for the cup. with his body flat on taehyun’s table, he stayed there for awhile until he finished the drink. the lecturer stopped to see what had happened but he resumed when he realized that the both of them weren’t worth of his time.

minho reclined back to his seat and grinned at his little victory.

“song minho, you fucking idiot. you dumb asshole.”


it was five in the morning and taehyun woke up even earlier that the usual early. he bathed and changed into his clothes. perfectly ironed, neatly combed hair and clean sleek shoes. he was extra neat and he was going to be that way for the entire day because he had a good feeling about it.

taehyun texted wendy to open up the shop early and he promised to give her something more than just a tip. he would give jinwoo’s number. he knew she had been eyeing on his roommate. it was so obvious. wendy agreed. taehyun could feel the good vibes.

“oh! wendy, two coffees, please. write my name and the other one is minho. m-i-n-h-o. thank you, sweetheart.”

he spelled minho’s name slowly so she could cope with him. wendy eyed the man before her and crossed her arms. she waited patiently and tapped her feet in annoyance. taehyun almost wanted to question her until he realized he forgot something. he took out a piece of paper with numbers written on it.

“here. jinwoo’s number. and jinwoo loves pink. so, go on and wear something pink on your first date.”

wendy’s cheeks were crimson red and she quickly got on her heels and made him two coffees.

taehyun walked slowly to his class. the hallway was empty. he took a glimpse on his watch and he arrived thirty minutes earlier. as he got in, he saw minho seated at his usual spot and taehyun grinned. minho heard his footsteps and looked up to see taehyun with two cups in his hands.

taehyun shuffling his feet up the stairs and took a seat beside him.

“is that coffee for me?”

minho eyed at the cup that had his name on it. taehyun nodded. he moved closer to minho and splashed the warm coffee on his face.

“here. are you awake now, you bastard?”

taehyun took out some tissues and dabbed on the little splashes of the coffee on his table and then put his notebook. that day, minho was in shock. he was traumatized and he wanted revenge.

but nevertheless, he was definitely awake.

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