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Title: Untitled
Author: choikangtabi
Pairings: Taehyun/Mino
Rating: G
Genre: angst
Word Count: 294
Author's Note: It was random and it is heartbreaking. Short and sudden because somehow I was feeling angsty.

He told him to come to him. He insisted. Minho took his hand. Taehyun’s heart was beating but his was not breathing. Frozen into time, killing his own desire, Taehyun thought it was just a dream or maybe his own delusion. Minho pulled him into an embrace – an embrace that he had never once imagined.


Taehyun shrugged. He wondered if that was a good idea. “Can you support me?” Minho shrugged too. They kept quiet. In a moment of silence, they asked themselves if they were destined to be together.

“Work hard, play hard?” Minho smiled. Taehyun grinned wider.

“If we can’t be together here, we can be together away from here.”

Dreams and hopes were devoured in gluttony. Enthusiasm bigger than the ocean and they thought that there were more things to be discovered before them. Taehyun wanted happiness. Minho wanted otherwise. He stayed silent.

“Let’s escape.” And Taehyun defy to the deafening silence of protest in him. It was his mistake – a mistake that he could not repair or undo.

The lights flickered, the glass shattered and his tears shed. A note that had been long ignored, Taehyun reclined against the bed side. If he could go back, if he listened to his own intuition, happiness could have regained. But nothing could be done.

I’m sorry. I have to leave you like this. I am going away. Goodbye Nam Taehyun. You had been good to me.

Oh, the lies he had been easily fed. What had he done to himself? He was alone, engulfed by the darkness. Where should he go?

Lost and despair, torn and worn.

The wrenching heart kept crying. The silent night kept elongating. His sanity ate him whole into the abyss of desperation.

Taehyun knew nothing about happiness.

Tags: drabble, fanwork: fiction, mino, nam taehyun, winner
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