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Sharing a Bed

Title: Sharing a Bed
Author: choikangtabi
Rating: G
Length/Word Count: Drabble/337 words
Genre: what do you call this? i mean i find this really kawaii
Summary: Taehyun and Minho's daughter is scared of thunder.

The deafening sound of the thunder cackled through the room. Minhee was fast asleep but it wasn’t for long until she was awoken by the sound that reverberated through the walls of her tiny room. She shifted herself and peeked out slowly over the white sheet. Moonlight seeped through the curtains and the lack of light in her room frightened her. Minhee could swear that the shadows of the trees that were moving violently could swallow her whole.

Another booming sound was heard and it stretched out into eternity. It was not the breeze or the fan but she was positive that she was shivering because she feared for her own safety. Minhee pulled the cover away from the body and walked out from her room. Tufts of hair were pointing at all directions and covered almost half of her face as she shuffled into a room that was familiar to her.

Crouching, Minhee made her way to the king sized bed. Taehyun nuzzled closer to Minho. Wrapping around his waist, Taehyun was comfortably appreciating the warmth from Minho’s chest. Not even the thundering sky could wake up the two of them.

The little girl climbed up the edge of the bed and crawled in between. She separated both of them and Minho growled. Minhee squeezed in even more to make space for herself before settling in. “Minhee ah,” Taehyun slurred his words unconsciously. His half-lidded eyes showed that he was aware of his daughter’s presence.

“I’m scared of the thunder.” Minhee whined. Taehyun shifted a bit further away. He embraced the little one and pulled her closer to him. Sliding his arm up to Minhee’s shoulder, he started tapping lightly, accompanied with a soothing hum. Once in a while, he ran his fingers through the child’s messy locks.

Slowly, Minhee drifted away into the infinity, letting her fear to be locked inside her head. A smile played on her lips as she floated into the slumber land.

Taehyun too fell asleep, together with the snoring Minho.

i'm sorry the namsong interaction wasn't much but hey minhee's cute!!!!
Tags: drabble, nam taehyun, namsong, pg, song minho, winner
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