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We Fucked

Title: We Fucked
Author: choikangtabi
Pairing: Taehyun/Mino
Rating: NC17
Summary: It is just pure porn.

The fingers stroked the contours of the slim figure. The sensation surged into his body, coursing through his veins as he indulged in the blissful pleasure. Taehyun held the man’s body closer to him. The cologne awoke his senses and the man named Minho pushed him hard on the bed. Their lips met again and their tongues were against each other working in a perfect harmonization.

Taehyun’s mind was in haze – probably due to the alcohol. The sheet beneath him was crumpled but he could not care less about it. He just wanted to be naked, just bare for Minho. The older man stripped him off and hands started roaming. The after party was so hard-core that their rationality was not a major factor. Minho pinned Taehyun down. His lips and tongue trailed across the soft skin; biting them gently before licking the red marks and making Taehyun drew another string of moans.

“Your pants,”

Taehyun directed to Minho’s jeans. He chuckled before letting it lose. The hotel room was dimly lit. Under him, he could see the silhouetted figure of Taehyun. The perfectly crafted man he adored so much.

“Are you drunk?” Minho asked. Taehyun giggled and pulled his boyfriend closer to him and encased his lips once more. Both of them were drunk but both of them did not want to stop this. The heat seeped into them, soaking their desire even more.

Minho palmed his crotch and Taehyun moaned again. It was an eloquent grunt and Minho knew that perfectly well. Listening to the younger one was like music to his ear. It was a bit of a squeaking sound and then came with broken AHs. And that was his queue to stroke Taehyun’s cock, in fact very aggressively and quickly. Oh, Taehyun also loves surprises. It was like magic, he said. Especially the sudden horny, like what the internet would refer as PWP – exactly like this one.

‘…the door is locked right?” Taehyun questioned Minho in the middle of the fucking hot and sticky situation and Minho shut him up with a taste on his lips. He mouthed who fucking cares and turned Taehyun around to see that glorious butt cheeks. He had been dreaming to squeeze them but damn, it was hard when the whole lot of people coming in and out of the dressing room, calling out their names one after another.

“But people might come in and,” Minho slipped his not-as-big-as-Taehyun’s-finger inside and Taehyun squirmed. But Taehyun loved those fingers. His were thin and Minho’s fingers were thick. It made him feel fuller.

“This is a fucking hotel.”

Taehyun bucked his hip higher and Minho dug his middle finger deeper into him. His second knuckle went in afterwards and drew a whine from Taehyun that Minho would later silence him with another sloppy kiss.  His head tilted backward as Minho’s hand gripped his nape, fitting so well around the curves of his neck. Minho inserted in and out of him, fast and steady. His cheek against the bed as he clutched the sheet tighter. Minho’s knee touched the inside of Taehyun’s thigh and he pushed to open it wider.

He took out those digits out and sucked on his fingers. He could taste him; all of him. He looked at his throbbing member and he grinned at his own cock that was asking for so much attention from him. Taehyun made a sound, like mewling and Minho knew so well he wanted more. The sight of him being weak beneath made him the dominant one. He liked the role, very much indeed.

Minho shifted around a bit and positioned his cock against the entrance and plunged into him. Oh, so deep, so tight. He needed to breathe. Taehyun arched his back; mouth hung open and felt Minho filling him up. The pleasure he had been craving for finally came. Drawing his fingers in Taehyun’s hair, he grasped on it and bit his neck. Lips then trailed along to his ear and whispered dirty words to him.

“Don’t make a fucking sound.”

His hand hovered over Taehyun’s tiny mouth and clasped at it hard. He then pushed his hip inside, deeper into him. Letting the walls of his arsehole slide across his dick, Minho could swear that he would be the first to be part of Taehyun’s assholism. Minho fucked him and Taehyun could do nothing but to groan silently. He was sweating and got his long fringe stuck on his face, but those irritations were nothing to him compared to the sound of the skin slapping against each other.

Minho moved Taehyun’s leg wider and let go of his other hand from Taehyun’s mouth. He spread his butt cheeks so he could see the magnificent view of his cock going in and out of Taehyun.

And as for Taehyun, he fucked him back in response; pushing back so he could go even down to bang his ass on Minho’s crotch. It did not bother him that the friction between Taehyun and the bed sheet made a help to his orgasm.

Taehyun’s walls clenched so hard around Minho’s dick that he knew that Taehyun was so close to release and Minho humped him quicker and faster. And without notice, both of them came together. The bed sheet stained and Taehyun felt warm. Minho did not take his dick out and came inside.

And it felt so good.

Minho was dead exhausted. He plopped himself down on the mattress and pulled Taehyun for a hug. The embrace he would make after all the fucking. Taehyun could almost get used to this. He kissed Minho again.

“It was so good, you know.” Minho snickered and nodded. He let Taehyun’s head buried in his chest.

“Wow, you guys are disgustingly hot.”

Minho snapped to the direction of the door and sat up straight. Taehyun then pulled the sheets closer to him and screamed. Bobby stood at the door and frowned. “Hyung, I thought we are going to do this together?”

Taehyun was lost. He looked at Bobby and then back to Minho. His eyebrows were doing that thing again. That thing when he was mad. He did not know how to explain that thing but his brows were moving at such a weird motion and he knew that Taehyun was angry.

“Get out Bobby!”

Taehyun took the pillow and threw it at him.

“But hyung, Minho hyung told me that we can have a threesome!”

Bobby whined so hard his lips pouted and then Taehyun melted at his expression. He turned to Minho and eyed him sharply.

“What? Don’t look at me like that. I was about to ask you after we fucked.”

Taehyun arched his eyebrow.

“And you actually think that I can take another round when your dick shoved into my asshole like a fucker king you are?”

Bobby coughed not-so-accidentally loud.

“I’m still here, you know.”

Minho, not caring whether he was still not fully clothed, he got out from the bed. Bobby was ogling at Minho’s cock and his eyes went big. He pushed Bobby out from the room and shut him up with a closed door.


Minho easily said to Taehyun. Obviously he was not done with Minho about this issue.

“Can we get back to spooning?”

He slipped himself under the sheet and pulled him back in his embrace. Taehyun complied and did not say anything. For a moment, both of them were quiet and none seemed to talk about the previous incident until Taehyun began to speak.

“I think we should do it.”

Minho choked on his saliva and had a coughing fit. He then cackled so loud that Taehyun punched him on the chest. He was serious, Minho noted.

“Are you not mad or something?”

Taehyun pursed his lips.

“At first, I was. But then, if that is your kind of kink, why not try it?”

Minho was bewildered.

“Oh come on. Don’t deny it. You always watch threesome porn.”

Minho laughed harder than before.

“Fine. You caught me.”

Taehyun got up and sat on top of Minho. His hands mindlessly roamed around his broad chest.

“I want you to watch me squirm from a different angle. And I want you to see how beautiful I look being fucked.”

Minho took a hold of Taehyun’s hands and gently kissed it. The younger one leaned closer and kissed him lightly. How much he loved the taste of him. So addicting he could not stop.

“I love you.”

Taehyun confessed. Not like he would make that as a habit. Minho was thankful at how understanding his boyfriend could be sometimes and he would never thought that these actions could make him fall in love with him harder.

“I love you too.”

Tags: length: oneshot, namsong, winner
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